Tree animation – SpeedTree

Standard Tree from SpeedTree. Rendered inside 3ds Max with Corona. Just testing the settings and the quality.

[TEXTURING] Matching colour

Nothing fancy here, just a quick tip to match the colour of two textures. This is very useful when adding dirt and additional detail to a texture like this: The dirt texture to… Continue reading

[Texturing] – Balancing light on a texture plus sharpening the texture

Let’s say we have this texture metal taken from CGtextures website: It is possible to perceive the difference of light across the texture and that becomes even more noticeable when an Offset filter… Continue reading

Lumion 3D Best Practices

Lumion 3D Best Practices covers the most important Lumion features and techniques that can be incorporated in to any real production environment. Each chapter covers a different stage of a production workflow. The… Continue reading

[3ds max] Beveling a surface using the Shell modifier

The goal: Give thickness to an object and define the edge’s shape using a spline.

[3ds Max ] Project a line into a surface using ShapeMerge

The goal: project a shape or spline into a surface to create more geometry or cut it.

Mastering Lumion 3D

Lumion 3D Cookbook

Getting Started with Lumion

Lumion is software specially designed to be friendly and intuitive to help you bring life to your model. Import your model into Lumion and start changing the landscape, weather, and materials of your… Continue reading

13 Deadly Sins of Architectural Rendering by Andrew Price