Materials – Ground

I started creating some materials for this project (Fransworth House) and the first is the ground material. I am using a  material test scene I got from Bertrand Benoit Blog.  You can download it here.

I wanted to create basic, but realistic material, so I can start working with grass. I used a basic ground texture and then, I wanted to slowly see the material transformation by adding, specular, glossiness, bump and displacement maps.

Difuse map


Then I decide to see the difference between using a bitmap with and without filter.

Diffuse map No Filter


Difuse + Specular map


Difuse + Specular + Glossiness maps


Add a Bump map


Then I tried to use a Displacement map, although in the scene this option will be turned off. There is no need to waste time using a displacement map if we don’t see it. However, I will use displacement to add more detail below the house.


Another test using a displacement map, but without a bump map.


I was happy with the material, but I felt that it didn’t look like soil, so using a VrayBlendMtl I blend another diffuse map to help achieve the look I wanted.


This is just a really simple post to help me keep track of some tests I do with the materials. However, I want to create a specific post full of tips to help achieving realistic materials.

If you want this material just let me know.

PS: – Some of you requested this material, unfortunately I don’t have the textures anymore. However, here are the settings: